Things To Keep In Mind When Working From Home

While being your own boss can seem like an ideal situation but it can soon morph into a life spiraling dizzily out of control. If you work from home, you will find people saying, ‘You are lucky to have the privilege to work from home.’ while the truth is far from this statement. You find yourself working or thinking about work 24*7. You will often find yourself caught in the dilemma, whether you should do the dishes first or work on a project. Rarely are the things the way people around you might imagine – a little work, some household chores and a day to yourself. It is in fact more time consuming and leaves you with little or no time for yourself.
However, working from home is definitely no reason to feel burdened and here are the tips you can follow to be an efficient freelancer or work from home employee for your company:FB_IMG_1539668040802

1. Have a separate work area: Not just the work station but your work area needs to be separate from the rest of the house. It should be neat, clutter free and should look like a working space. One cannot work in a place that is cluttered. Your work space, even when you are working from home reflects your personality and the more soothing it is, more efficient you will be. No kids should be allowed there and your things should be arranged as if it would be in your regular office.

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2. Stick To Your Working Hours: Prepare a time table according to your needs and stick to it. This is your office, even if it is a place in your house. You need to be in office at 9 a.m. sharp or 10 a.m. and so you have to get all your work done before that. Pack yourself a lunch if you want and be there at your work station on time. Never start working in pyjamas. Take a shower, get dressed like you are going to office because you are in fact going to work. Take your coffee mug and be seated. This helps you maintain a healthy work environment even at home. If you decide that work hours end at a certain time then stick to it. In case you need to do chores in between, set a time table for fixed working hours or else you might end up working all day. Once office closes, it closes.
3. Be Flexible Sometimes: Believe it or not, flexibility is one advantage of working from home. Your time table should have short breaks and time outs for some chores. Friends do drop by, relatives come or you might get tired. Don’t block them away, instead use it to your advantage and maximize your productivity. A small coffee chit chat with your friends will help you relax a bit and you can start working again. knowing that you have a slotted time for a personal task and ensured some amount of flexible timing makes it much easier to manage and finish your work around it.

4. Stay Organised: Check lists, notes, diary and organizers for your stuff, all this is equally in fact, even more important when you are working from home. Make a list of all the things you have to do the nest day, before you wind up your office every day. This helps you plan your day ahead of time. You will know what are the things you need to do and how. Keep what you use within your reach. It helps you focus on your work instead of hunting for your stuff everywhere in the house.

Editor Speaks
I have been working from home for almost five years now. I have learnt my lessons with time. I manage a strict routine and have a fixed time table. I do leave an hour for miscellaneous things. Planning a day ahead has been my biggest strength. Though unplanned things do happen when you work from home but you learn to stay on track. I don’t go digital when it comes to planning; I am old school that way. I write everything and one can find stick notes on almost everything in my house.

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