What Kind Of Shopper Are You?


We all love shopping. Some would shop to relieve stress, some would give in to their instant urge to own something, some might always get the best bargain and some would question and question a lot before buying.

Miss Zesty tries and define some different kinds of shoppers. Read more to find out your kind.

1. The Serial Shopper: Let’s just say that a lot of us are guilty of it. If they could, they could buy an entire store. They think of every purchase with a sense of pride. Window shopping is not their thing. If they are out, they would buy something. If they are accompanying someone who needs to buy something, serial shoppers will end up buying even more, unintentionally of course. Shopping is their favourite past time.


2. The Loyal Shopper: This loyalist would always buy almost everything from the same place. When they enter their favourite store they are welcomed like a family member. Everyone working in the store knows them. They are often given special discounts for their loyalty towards the store.


3. The Investigator: They research and research until they are satisfied. So they want to buy a sofa. They would buy a few Home Décor magazines, go through 10 something websites for reviews, check offers on 10 different online stores and then might wait for Diwali sale for even better offers.


4. The Procrastinator: The only difference between an investigator and a procrastinator is that the Investigator might buy later but the procrastinator will rarely. A procrastinator is often struggling with the decision. Whether or not buy something. A procrastinator always finds something or the other wrong with every option given and thus convince himself/herself that the product is not worth buying.


5. The Bargain Hunter: There are a few of our friends who always find the ebst bargains and deals. They know how to negotiate the price and they are the best companions when you are going street shopping. They can make the seller come down from Rs 500 to Rs 50 in no time. This takes skills and we love our Bargain hunter friends so much.


6. The Impulsive Shopper: The see. They like. They buy. These are the innocent ones. They tell themselves that they are window shopping and soon they are lured to the seductive call of hard sell. They would see something, fall in love with it and since they are quick to make decisions, they would not even consider whether or not they need it, they can afford it or if it is even worth it. These innocent souls are often found regretting their impulsive buys.


7. The Mission Achiever: They are on a mission. They want a dress. They go to the store, head to only the dress section. They know what they want so they would scroll through their choices, shortlist and buy. It’s like they are on a mission and they would finish it quickly and efficiently most of the time.


7. The Sorter:  You would see them filling their cart. One after another item will be thrown in and you would be wondering how much their bill would be and then just before they will reach the counter, there will be hardly a few items in their cart. They would simply sort out the things they would have just kept because of temptation but finally win over it.




5 thoughts on “What Kind Of Shopper Are You?

  1. I’m definitely a combo of #3, #5, #7 BUT, I’m also the ‘yo you shopper.’ I put something in my cart, go around the store a time or two and end up taking whatever it is out convincing myself that I really don’t need “it” and honestly, most of the time I don’t but hey, shopping! 🙂

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