Things Every Mom Loves About Her Toddler

There are a few things that make us love our toddlers so much, even when they are not in their best behaviours:

  1. Only they can look so charming even when they are at their worst. Whenever I scold my daughter, she goes and lies down on the bed. She would cry like a heroine, or she would stand in front of the mirror, howling and crying and she keeps checking herself in the mirror too. I am not sure whether I should laugh, smile or scold her.
  2. They think they are clever though they are not so smart as of now. I mean I can fool my daughter, almost every day when she says she does not want to go to the park or to the school or to any place that I want to take her.I just tell her that there will be Pete (Disney character) there and she always gets ready . A small candy that I magically take out from her nose is enough to make her forget why she was crying.
  3. They Forgive and Forget:There have been instances when I have shouted, on my three year old toddler, or when I have not given her what she wanted. I have not paid attention to her tantrums but she just forgets everything so soon. She starts playing and then comes over to me and hugs me and says she loves me.
  4. Even the smallest of things can make them happy. I have learnt this trick, even when I buy a basic pair of socks for my little one, I gift wrap it. She gets so enthusiastic and happy about the gift and a simple pair of socks can make her happy beyond limits. Once she was crying for no reason so I gift wrapped my hair pin and gave it to her, Haha they are not very smart, are they? She kept hugging and thanking me for the pin.
  5. They think you can do everything:We were watching Bahubali 2 and when the hero was being beaten up by the villain my little one said, ‘Koi baat nahi, isko papa bachaa lenge’ (no problem, Dad will save him) and there her dad was, smiling, sitting on his bean bag, dressed up in PJs and a vest. He looked so proud of himself.
  6. They definitely teach us perseverance:Do they ever give up? No. Have you seen them while throwing tantrums or asking for stuff or when they simply believe in something? They just don’t give up on things they want or the things they believe in, no matter how much trouble it causes us 😉
  7. They still think they are as little as a few month old baby. They want to cuddle a lot, they still want you to rock them in your arms which by the way is not so easy as they don’t fit in your arms anymore. 😛 But then they sleep close to you, resting their heads on your chest as if they still want to hear your heartbeat to go back to sleep. Don’t tell me you don’t love them, because I know you do.
  8. They love unconditionally: Their love for their parents is not because of anything. They live us because they love us. Their is no explanation to it.

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