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When Emotions Die

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As she sat next to him in the car, she knew something was not right. Did he hit her? No. Did he abuse her? No. Did he not provide for her or fulfill her wishes? No.

Then what was it that was so wrong that a person like her who loved him so much did not want to talk to him?

She was lost in her thoughts, he continued in his affectionate voice, ‘I try to teach you things because I care for you but you are so foolish that you just don’t understand anything. I just don’t understand how someone can be so stupid.’ He said jokingly, in a harmless manner.

She was about to say something but he interrupted, ‘And you are so badtameez that you don’t just let the other person finish talking. I wasn’t done and you started talking.’ He said, now sounding upset.

She kept quiet because she had understood that this is going to remain the same like always. But she had got the answer. She had reached the terminal point of her emotions where she had stopped feeling anything within.

Did it hurt? Yes. Did she cry? No. She wanted to cry, it helped her relax but she could not. There wasn’t a single drop in her eyes.

As they reached home, she went inside the washroom and looked in the mirror – blank, her ever so expressive face was blank. Zero, no emotions, no sadness, no anger. She was scared that something that she always dreaded had finally happened – she was dead, dead within. Yet,no tears to mourn the death of a girl who was once emotional, expressive and full of life, very human, quick to show emotions with hugs, kisses, shouts and tears. But now there was nothing.

She came out, served food. Did she want to leave him? No. Did she love him? Yes. Did she want to talk to him? No.

As he put his hand on her shoulder to click a selfie, she couldn’t smile, couldn’t cry. Yet she was there.

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