De-Stress Your Mind Like A Star

Stress is unavoidable. With a life that has many roles to play and endless responsibilities to cater to, it is almost impossible to remain stress free. However, it is always possible to de-stress ourselves using one way or other.
Stars do feel the stress and sometimes much higher. Let’s take inspiration from them and see how they de-stress themselves:


Small Things Matter: Often with the stress about bigger issues we forget to rejoice the small things that happen around us. A child’s giggle, a silly dance or a small thank you card. It is important to shift our focus to small joys sometimes. In an interview to an international publication, Angelina Jolie said, “I find meditation in sitting on the floor with the kids and colouring for an hour, or jumping on the trampoline.” She further added, “You do something you love, that makes you happy, and that gives you your meditation. But I think it’s good I’m not somebody who needs quiet moments because I never get them. They’re very rare.” Small things can have bigger impact. These joys can bring the much needed relief and happiness.

Image result for michelle obamaWork It Out: Michelle Obama in an interview stated, “Exercise is really important to me — it’s therapeutic. So if I’m ever feeling tense or stressed or like I’m about to have a meltdown, I’ll put on my iPod and head to the gym or out on a bike ride along Lake Michigan with the girls.” And we can’t agree more. Play your favourite song and just keep walking, it simply takes everything off your mind. In fact we tend to find solutions to a lot of things that bother us.



Image result for kate winsletPlan It Out: What’s better than being prepared! Kate Winslet said in an interview, ‘I plan everything in advance: who’s dropping off [the kids], who’s picking up. We have charts, maps, and lists on the fridge, all over the house. I sometimes feel like I’m with the CIA.’ There is no denying the fact that planning the important things before hand is actually the right way to keep you stress free.

Image result for madonnaLet It Out: Madonna shared in an interview, “Actually, I scream a lot…I guess sometimes I handle things well, sometimes I don’t.This is the best way to go about it sometimes. Just share what is bothering you instead of keeping everything inside, in fact cry it out, if you feel like it.

Image result for shraddha kapoorGet A Pet: In an interview with The Times Of India, Shraddha Kapoor said, “My dog, Shyloh, can lighten up my mood any time of the day.” Having a pet reduces stress levels by 27 percent and makes for a more productive environment.

Editor Speaks: With a lot of things to handle, stress has become synonymous to life. I try to plan things as much as I can. For people’s opinions that I feel can hurt or affect me, I mostly believe in letting it go, occasionally giving it back to them. At the same time dancing with my little one is the best stress buster for me.
We can’t control everything and hence stressing over things is not the solution. I give my best to everything and then leave everything on God. He knows what’s best for me.

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