Things Couples Should Talk About for a Stronger Bonding

We often feel that the more we know someone, the less we have to talk about. We are living together, we might have probably discussed a lot together and hence couples often find themselves in a situation where they fall short of things to discuss, to talk to each other about. This is certainly not a very good sign of a healthy relationship. It is very important to share certain things with the special someone – your hopes, sorrows, happiness and much more.
Listed below are the things that couples should talk about for a stronger bonding:

  1. Memories: These can be your childhood memories or the memories of the time you have spent with your partner. The funny incidents that happened with you both, the embarrassing situations you were in or the way you made love when your relationship just started. Appreciate the present and cherish the past. Talking about your old memories will bring beautiful feelings out again.untitled2.png
  1. Goals and Aims: It is always important to share your goals and ambitions with your partner; and listen to their goals as well. Once you are aware of your partner’s goals, you can always motivate them and inspire them to go for it. This is the best way to keep each other encouraged.
  1. Inside Jokes: Some jokes should be just yours and your spouse’s. This is one of the best and the most adorable way to connect with your partner. There is no harm in sharing some dirty jokes with your partner. As long as both of you are comfortable, share some gestures or words to make each other giggle.


  1. Feelings and Emotions: Always be upfront in a polite manner. Instead of holding a grudge in your heart or keep feeling miserable about something, talk it out. Share your feelings of being upset, neglected or confusion with your partner. Nobody is psychic so you need to always talk it out.


  1. Discuss Difficult Situations: It is always better to deal with long term situations beforehand. Saving for retirement, child’s education or a home loan. Discuss everything, all pros and cons and take decisions with each other’s consent. Delaying these discussions is never going to help.
  2. Admit Your Weaknesses: Your partner knows you inside out. Instead of arguing over an honest mistake you made, it is better to admit it. It is never okay to pretend that it never happened. We all make mistakes. Couples with stronger bonding always try to listen to each other, admit their mistakes and work towards improving them.
  3. Discuss Your Future Together: Discuss where you see yourself with your partner in the next few years. How do you want to retire? If you are ready for a child or something else. Express how you never picture yourself without your partner. IMG_8668.jpg
  4. Share Your Struggles: The struggles you faced earlier or the struggles you are facing right now, share them with your partner. How will your partner try to understand your decisions and reactions if he/she would not know what you are going through in professional or personal life? Sharing your past struggles with your partner also gives them a sense of appreciation for your efforts.
  5. Talk About The News: As boring it might sound, it is always interesting to debate and discuss on world events in a healthy way. Your kids are watching you and hence this creates awareness for them as well. This surely helps bring you closer to your partner as you get to know their thoughts and opinions about so many important things happening in the world around you.

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