Tips and Tricks to Stay on Track of Your Monthly Budget and Save As Well

Maintaining the monthly home budget and saving something by the end of the month is something we all struggle to achieve.  The sole purpose to create a budget plan is to not just spend judiciously but to save something as well. A major part of adulating is spent on learning how to spend and save wisely.

Here are a few tips and tricks to follow to maintain a decent lifestyle under budget and save something as well.

  1. Calculate Income and Expenses: This si the most important step as our ancestors always taught: “Tete Paav pasariye jeti lambi saur” which means we should spend in accordance to our earning.

Make a complete table to plan and divide your earning effectively for all your expenses and savings.


  1. Plan and Pay Your Saving Bills First: If you already have some account for savings, simply deposit the pre-decided amount to the savings account. In case you haven’t planned anything, do so right away. It can be as simple as saving in a separate bank account or discuss with your finance advisor for suitable and convenient ways for you to save. Whatever the method be, there has to be some saving.
  2. Always Pay All Bills in the First Week: Paying all the bills in the first week, gives you a clear idea as to how much you are actually left with and that way you can plan better.
  3. Give Yourself Weekly Targets: It is important to allocate a sum to yourself. Tell yourself that this is the amount you are going to spend this week no matter what. Prioritize what needs to be done first. If you are able to save something, you can keep it for yourself.
  4. Keep Track of All Expenses: This is crucial if you are new at budgeting. Some people follow this practice all their life. Maintain a small diary to keep track of all receipts and things you spend on. You can even review your receipts later to decide where you could have spent less.
  5. Plan Meals and Shop: It is always advisable to plan your weekly meals and shop ahead. This saves both time and money. Miss Zesty not only shops ahead but also cuts certain vegetables like cabbage, cauliflower, carrots, methi and capsicum and keeps them in separate air tight containers to save time and unnecessary discussion of what to cook.
  6. Set Goals: Give yourself a gift. Tell yourself that you would buy something new for your home if you are able to save X amount by the end of this month. This keeps motivating you to spend wisely.
  7. Treat Yourself: Always remember, you can live a good life and save, if you learn to spend wisely. Living like a miser won’t make you happy. Spend on right things, keep track of special deals and offers online. End of season sales are pretty good for people who love to shop.

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