Simple and Effective Home Remedies for Acidity

Acidity or acid re flux is one of the most troublesome problems that we face with every single change in our everyday routine. Couldn’t have meal on time – acidity, ate something spicier than usual – acidity, spent the day sitting or missed walk – acidity.

What is acidity?

The gastric glands in our stomach produce acid to digest food. Acidity is caused by the excess production of acid by the glands.

The worst part comes when this acidity turns acute and cause severe headache, nausea and vomiting. Even slight acidity can make you slow down and hampers your work routine. What we often don’t realize is that acidity is cause because of poor eating habits and lifestyle.

What causes acidity?

Acidity is very common in India due to consumption of spicy or oily food. Acidity can be caused because of many reasons such as:

unhealthy eating habits

consumption of excess food

medicinal side effect

stress, lack of sleep etc.

Here are some simple things found in your kitchen to cure acidity:

Cold milk: Cold milk helps stabilize the gastric acids present in our stomach. It helps prevent the acid built up and thus cures acidity. The moment you feel heart burn and discomfort due to acidity just have half a glass of unsweetened cold milk. 


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Fennel Seeds: Fennel seeds work wonders when it comes to curing acidity. That’s the reason our elders always eat saunf or fennel seeds after every meal. Fennel seeds can cool down the stomach and fight acidity. 


Coconut Water: Coconut water creates an alkaline effect neutralizing the effects of excess acid produced in your body. Being rich in fiber it helps in digestion and prevents acidity from reoccurring. Coconut water also helps form mucous to protects stomach walls from the excessive acid produced. 

Basil Leaves: At the first signs  of acidity chew a few basil leaves or boil them in a cup of water, let it simmer and sip it frequently for a soothing effect.

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Buttermilk: Chaas all the way! Had a lot of spicy food? Finish your meal with a glass full of chaas. Buttermilk or chaas contains lactic acid that normalizes acidity. 

 Cumin Seeds: Cumin seed is another wonder spice in the kitchen. Add a teaspoon of cumin seed in a cup of boiled water and drink after every meal to avoid acidity altogether.

 Bananas: Bananas are healthy, delicious and help fight acidity. Banana has antacid that prevents acidity and acts as buffer in case of acid re flux. Having a banana everyday is the easiest way to prevent acidity. If you are going on a trip or somewhere and you feel that there can be big gaps between meals, keep some bananas handy to avoid acidity. 

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Jaggery or Gud: Jaggery has high magnesium concentration and boosts intestinal strength. It helps in digestion and cools down the stomach. Have a glassful of gud sharbat to cure acidity.

So, next time you feel acidity is coming back to trouble you, rush of any one of these home remedies to cure acidity.

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