Woman In Focus – Serena Williams

When she was banned from wearing a catsuit, she showed up in a tutu. Who else other than Tennis Ace, Serena Williams can do this. From talking about body image issues, postpartum issues to racism, Serena Williams has always been open with her fans.

Here are some inspiring quotes by Serena Williams.


She represents all of us, each one of us as women. She is standing up, against something that is not a new concept. Bias based on gender. Her anger is judged on the bias on womanhood, being a mom and all other things except the real reasons and the situation that led to the out burst.


While male players often react even worse, Serena was targeted like many of us. There is pay gap and when a woman reacts or shows disapproval over something, people are quick to make snide remarks like, ‘She must have had a fight with her husband’ or anything but the true and rational reasons.



Why it becomes important to stand up for yourself? Because no one else will. Society has found numerous reasons to justify a woman’s anger or outburst – periods, mood swings, postpartum or the likes. The only reason society has learnt to do this is because this is the easiest way out. 



What Serena Williams teaches us? Focus and the strength we as women need to survive in this male dominated world. Society not only judges your actions but your reactions as well. Your credibility is always questioned and yet you are burdened with more responsibilities. You need to stay focused and move ahead with your head held high and never refrain from expressing your opinions and views.





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