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Innovative Fancy Dress Ideas For Kids

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We are bored! Bored of regular fruit, vegetable, TV, Laptop, Phone fancy dress for kids. It’s time to change and get creative with some creative fancy dress ideas for kids. Not just the costume but the dialogues need to be more innovative and interesting. Kids today are extremely open and eager to ask questions. That should reflect in their costume. The costume and dialogues should do justice to the kind of ideology kids have in today’s day and age. They are outgoing and don’t really refrain from asking questions.

Listed below are some quirky and creative fancy dress ideas for kids.

1. Prime Minister: No matter how not so creative it may sound, it is not. Kids dressing up as Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi is adorable. The key is to innovate with the dialogues. It is all about how you would be able to teach the right dialogues and gestures to your child. If your little one is able to pick up honourabe Prime Minister’s way of addressing people and hand gestures in a respectful manner, there is a chance your child will definitely win a lot of praise.


2. Dressed as Their Teacher: It is again all about picking the right gestures. Kids especially little girls often try to imitate their teachers while playing with their dolls. We have often found kids talking just like their teachers and that is bound to steal hearts. This can actually be hilarious in a subtle way if done properly.

3. Something That They Are Learning: Suppose your child is learning about rainbow, water cycle, or parts of plant. Any of such topics can be used to think of an innovative costume for your child. Also, instead of giving simple lines to the child, try forming a series of riddles for audience engagement or a poem to explain.

4. Something From the Social Media: Instagram filters or a facebook timeline. Think of something that both adults and kids could relate to. Even make them shopping/Amazon app and give it a funny twist by adding lines to highlight how everything is ordered via an app and how we have become dependent on apps for anything and everything not just for shopping but to find options for everything.

5. A Parent: Not just a reflection of you or your spouse but a general display how kids today see their parents. You can either add a funny take to it or an emotional, either way, it is going to be loved.


6. An Inspiration:  Public figures like Serena Williams, some great achievers or someone who can inspire the kids, any of these can be a good choice for a fancy dress. The key again is to find their inspiring quotes and teaching their style of talking and walking to the child. Try to avoid the characters that have already been done many times and find some new and more relevant inspirational figures for the child.

7. A Global Issue: Be it global warming, pollution, or something that scares the world, any problem that needs to be addressed can be used as a fancy dress idea. Address the issue in a sarcastic way or in an emotional manner by means of a poem. A dry plant with an explanation can work wonders in a fancy dress.

8. A Cartoon Character Known by All: This can be the easiest and a funfilled way to dress up for the Fancy Dress. Dress up as Peppa Pig, Donald Duck, Goofy or something your child loves and let them share their thoughts.

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