How to Relieve Pain in Periods

Pain during periods can be extremely difficult to tackle as we have a whole lot of things to do and can’t really stop everything because of periods. However, it is always better to relax and rest a little bit more than usual during periods. That piercing pain during periods can be even more difficult for young girls whose periods have recently started as their body is still trying to cope up with all these new changes.

Today, we are sharing some of the ways to cope up with pain in periods:

  1. Water, Number one solution since ages: Drink 6-8 glasses of water everyday especially during periods. It helps ease bloating.
  2. Eat Right: We do crave for salty, sugary or oily stuff but that’s not exactly the right choice. Try to add anti-inflammatory foods like cherries, blueberries, squash, tomatoes, and bell peppers to your diet as they help combat inflammation. 
  3. Heat it Out: This is by far the best way to relieve the pain. Use heat pads, heating wraps or hot water bottle to your abdomen to get relief from the piercing pain during periods. This not only helps reduce the pain but somehow relaxes your entire body and helps you sleep comfortably. In case you don’t have a heating pad or bottle, use a hot towel or simply take a hot shower to relax yourself.
  4. Let’s Get Moving: Don’t let periods put a period to the things you like. Running, jogging, light walk or gentle yoga, you can choose to do anything to make yourself feel better because exercise releases endorphins, brain chemicals that promote well being.   16700705_1247414328683661_1852009949577979595_o.jpg
  5. Massage it Away: Using essential oils like clary sage, lavender or sesame oil to massage your abdomen five to six minutes  a day helps relieve pain in periods. Massaging helps facilitate blood flow and these oils contain compounds that some reports claim t help relieve pain.
  6. Good Sleep Hygiene: Good sleep is important to help relieve pain and distress during periods and for that you should be comfortable. Fresh sheets, comfortable and clean night clothes, plus a fresh pad before you go to sleep can help you sleep better.
  7. Avoid Food That Causes Bloating: Avoid food like carbonated beverages and Soda, French fries, Burgers, Beans, and Cabbage. Avoid caffeine intake to avoid period cramps.
  8. Vitamin D and Calcium: Have a good intake of Vitamin D that helps ease the pain associated with menstrual cramps. For this you can have orange juice, cereals, egg yolk and cheese. Have lots of green leafy vegetables for proper intake of calcium to reduce cramps during periods.
  9. Home Remedies: Soak fenugreek seeds for 12 hours and water in drink it up to ease period pain. Make a herbal tea using ginger and black pepper. You can add a little sugar for taste but avoid milk. This helps make irregular periods regular and fights fatigue. A herbal tea using cumin seeds has anti-inflammatory properties and helps ease or avoid menstrual cramps. Chamomile  tea also helps relax the uterus and ease pain in periods.
  10. Take A Mild Pain Reliever: Sometimes it is unavoidable and therefore consult your gynac for a reliable mild pain reliever to be taken in case of extreme pain.

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