How to Identify Pure Silk When Buying Sarees

Silk Sarees are for ever. They are passed on from one generation to another. Silk is expensive and so it is important to check whether the silk that your are buying is genuine or not.

There are different kinds of silk lusturous Mysore silk sarees, traditional weaves of a Banarasi saree or a Kanjivaram Saree, light and comfortable Kora silk and Patola silk sarees; silk in every form is simply royal. Buying a good silk saree is like an investment. With the following tips to identify genuine silk, you will be able to know whether you are investing in the right product or on synthetic yarn.


Test 1: Age Old Wedding Ring Test: Pure silk of a lower ply can actually pass through your wedding ring because of its silk soft texture. Synthetic silk on the other hand would bunch up and it would be nearly impossible to pass through the ring for a synthetic silk saree.

Test 2: Price: This is the simplest possible test. If someone is trying to convince you that they are giving you special discount then you need to think twice. Synthetic fabric costs Rs 300 per kg whereas pure silk fabric costs 3000 per kg. So if you are buying a silk zari saree that weight around 1 kg and the cost is less than Rs 3000/- you really need to check the authenticity of that silk.


Test 3: Shine: Shineis also another factor to determine the authenticity of silk. Pure silk’s shine changes colour as light falls on it whereas artificial silk will always give white lusture.

Test 4: Weight: Silk sarees with zari can actually cost up to 2 kgs, the zari is made with silk threads twisted with gold or silver and this adds to the weight of the saree. If your zari silk saree weighs too less, you need to check again.


Test 5: Flaws in Weave: Handwoven silk will have slight flaws that give silk saree character and add to its value. These flaws indicate that it is pure handwoven silk. Synthetic silk sarees always look perfect and flawless.


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