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How Going Monochrome Can Work Wonders to Your Every Day Style

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Don’t even listen to people who say monochrome is boring! Monochrome is anything but boring! It can actually work wonders to your style quotient. Wearing different shades of the same colour can actually be figure flattering and make you look slimmer.

Going monochrome is not only trendy but also a cost effective way to look stylish because you don’t really need to buy a lot of pieces of different shades of same colour, all you need to do is actually sort out your closet for all old and new pieces you already have. For example, a white shirt that doesn’t fit you any more can be worn on a tank top in same hue with buttons open.

Tip 1: Layer it out: Layering varied textures of one colour helps in adding more weight to your outfit. It can allow you to highlight or even downplay certain parts of your body. For example if you have slim legs and carry more weight on your upper body, you can wear skinny jeans in black, and team it up with white vest or white blouse and a black blazer or jacket. You can even pair white pants with off white blouse and a very light shade of pink/cream shrug. 

I Go Monochrome When buying groceries 😛


Tip 2: Shading the right way: If you wish to bring the focus more towards your upper body or face try to shade right by wearing pants in darker shades and working your way up with lighter and brighter shades of the same colour.

When Going Out



And if you want some real inspiration follow our Bollywood Divas.

Style Diva, Kangana Ranuat shows how ethnic wear can be monochromatic yet bring the focus to your ever glowing face.

Picture credit: http://www.indianexpress.com 

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Tip 3: The Right Contrast: Try not to burden yourself by putting on too many things in same shade. Always add a touch of bright colour to your look. For example if your outfit is all shades of white, try a handbag in a contrasting hue or even shoes that stand out yet look sophisticated.

Deepika Padukone has been seen rocking monochrome on several occasions like this one where she sizzles in an all white ensemble.

Picture credit: http://www.inuth.com

Image result for alia bhatt monochrome outfit 

Who else but the queen of fashion in Bollywood, Sonam Kapoor can rock a monochrome saree look with such panache.

Picture credit: http://www.indianexpress.com

Image result for alia bhatt monochrome outfit

Going monochrome gives your body an uninterrupted line from head to toe, making you look slimmer and taller. Black, white, neutral shades, a monochrome can actually make you look sharp and classy.




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  1. I like monochromatic dressing…right now, I am rocking the navy blue head to toe 🙂 My 6 year old loves to dress monochrome as well. I never taught her but she just gravitates toward that style!

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