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Easy Home Cleaning Tips for Diwali

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With Ganpati festival going on, it will be no time when Diwali will be here. With Diwali comes this huge task of complete home cleaning. We know how tricky it can be to plan home cleaning for Diwali, to make it spotless to welcome Maa Laxmi. Miss Zesty brings you easy home cleaning tips for Diwali.

1. Stock Up Your Weapons: Yes, These will be your tools for the job and you need to stock them first to start the deep cleaning process:

  • Broom
  • Broom with sticks
  • House ladders
  • Dusters 4-5 in number
  • Collin
  • Cotton cloth or fiber
  • Warm water
  • Dishwashing soap

2. Plan and Schedule: No matter what you do, planning and scheduling is the first step to start. Divide your house in section: Balcony1, Balcony 2, Bedroom 1, Bedroom 2, Bathroom 1 and so on.

Home Cleaning Plan
1. Balcony
1.1 Clean webs
1.2 Clean walls (Optional)
1.3 Set Balcony Stands (In case you have a small section where you put stuff)
1.4 Clean Plant stands
1.5 Wash Balcony
1.6 Clean Balcony Doors
1.7 Clean Balcony Furniture
2. Bedroom 1
2.1 Clean Webs
2.2 Clean Walls
2.3 Clean Fan
2.4 Clean Tube light
2.5 De-clutter Storage
2.6 Arrange Wardrobes
2.7 Clean Wardrobes
2.8 Clean and arrange bed
2.9 New bed sheet
2.10Broom and Mop Floor
2.11Clean all side tables, furniture

3. Allot Days: You can do it all in one day. First of all, in case you have some help, it is great! Now allot one day to one section. For example take master bedroom, the balcony attached with it and its bathroom for day 1. The second set of bedroom and bathroom for day 2. Kitchen and dining area for day 3 and living room and study for Day 4. 3 hours a day per section is enough to finish.

4. De-clutter space by deciding what are the things that you do not use for the time being and the things that you would not use ever. Donate the things that you feel can be useful to others. For the things that your are not using as of now but you feel you might need them later; arrange them in separate boxes and label them. The same applies for books, clothes, utensils, toys and stationery. This helps you sort things our properly.

5. Sort Things Out: Once you are done with the things you don’t need, you will be left with the stuff that you need everyday, your clothes, shoes, books, stationery, make up, handbags and all such things.

Sort these things in beautiful baskets available in market, boxes or small pouches. Allot a place to everything. This not just helps in the cleaning of the space, you will actually find that you have a lot more storage space available with you, at the same time it helps kids learn the practice of keeping things where they belong.

6. Cleaning Wardrobes: Once you are done sorting things out, You can clean the wardrobe, first with a dry cloth and then with collin. Although Collin is meant for glass cleaning, I use it on my wardrobes and tiles as well. Arrange everything neatly and allot cabinets to one kind of stuff like one for kurtas, one for top wear, one for bottom wear and so on.

7. Cleaning Beds: The same rule applies to beds. Sort them out, clean the beds with dry cloth first, use naphthalene balls if you want and then put everything neatly.

8. Cleaning Bathrooms: Cleaning the bathrooms can be tricky and tough. At least half and hour before starting use Blue Harpic on toilet seats and Red Harpic for the tiles. First Start with clearing the webs, then clean the toilet seat. Clean the washbasin and arrange your cabinets. Then the wall tiles with a hard scrub and finally floor tiles with the scrub. Use a broom with sticks to finally wash off everything, then dry it with a wiper and finally mop the floor.

9. Kitchen Cleaning: Apart from the regular cleaning of the tiles, sink, refrigerator, make sure you clean the boxes as well. If there is stuff in the boxes, simply use collin to wipe clean the outside of all boxes. I use Collin to clean the cabinet doors and trolleys as well. In kitchen also, the key is to sort things out. Arrange everything in neat sections.

10. Do Some Shopping: Buy some new furnishings like curtains, bed sheets and sofa covers if you feel like it or imply wash, iron and use your previous ones.

Happy Cleaning!

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