Work Wear for Women – Style Decoded

You can have anything in life, if you dress for it. – Edith Head

An apt statement when it comes to choosing the right clothes for your body, more so when it is a formal situation. Be it your new job or you are looking for a change in style, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind while investing in business wear.

The very first piece of clothing to invest in is a blazer. A good blazer never goes out of style and has an amazing power to transform into various looks. Wear it with trousers for an important meeting, with a pair of denim pants for a regular work day or throw it over a party dress, a blazer can never go wrong.


It is very crucial that your blazer is just the right fit. It should rest on your shoulders without being too roomy or without any stretching. While trying on a blazer try and rotate your arms and check if you have full range of motion. The sleeves should not be too long or touching your palms. They should end right on the wrist bone. Choose a narrow waist blazer of you have broad chest or hips or you could buy a size larger and get the blazer tucked in at the waist. Always wear a long blazer with trousers and pick a shorter one with skirts. You can find some great blazers at MANGO and Vero Moda.


Blouses and Shirts

This is the area where you can play around with some colours and make your formal wear livelier. At the same time make sure you do not overdo it. Wear blouses that contrast well with the colour of your trousers and blazer. Completely avoid deep necklines when it comes to formal wear. It sets a very wrong persona. If you are choosing a sleeveless blouse or dress make sure that the arm holes allow complete arm movement without being too big to expose bra straps. You can check out Van Heusen’s collection for some great options.

When it comes to shirts make sure that your button down shirts do not show any gaps. The fit should ensure enough body movement without being too baggy.

Brands like Next and Marks and Spencer are also great brands to choose from.


A good pair of trousers has the power to define your entire formal look and it is very important to find the right pair and the right fit. A black pair of trousers is a must and should fit you well. The panty line should not be visible and there should be no creasing across the crotch. If you have a narrow waist but broad hips, buy a pair that fits your hops well and then get the waist altered. The hem line should not drag on the ground and just create a break on your shoe.



Skirts have the ability to create a strong formal look and the power to completely spoil the impression if not done right. A good skirt should give you enough room to move without being too baggy. Opt for a skirt that sits at your natural waist or a little below it. It is always better if your skirt falls at our knee or slightly above it. Try Dorothy Perkins for some good options.

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  1. This is should be up In every office. Having worked in HR back In the day, so many employees does not clearly know the difference between business attire and smart casual. This would have been a great post if I was still working to put it up

  2. Back when I was still in the corporate world, I would surely have worn these. However, after I became a digital nomad, any type of clothing can be my work clothes. LOL. Sometimes, I just wear jammies all day while working. I miss dressing up though. Thanks for sharing this post.

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