Deadly Terms and Words Used By Women

Well, sometimes women say something which is basically a subtle hint to something else and we have this expectation that men would take the hint but sadly most men fail to do so. 

So, Miss Zesty thought you need a little insight into some of the deadly terms and words that women use and what they actually mean.

1. Seriously!

When you have just said something and your girl says, “Seriously?” She is simply giving you one last chance to rethink and rephrase whatever you have just said. 


2. Wow

No no! Don’t smile at this one. This isn’t a compliment. It is her way of showing how amazed she is at your level of craziness, silliness, or whatever you would have done at that point of time. Read it as “Waaaooooowwww!!! Really?”


3Yeah Sure, Go Ahead!

This has warning sign written all over it. When you tell your girl that you are going to do something and she just says, “Go Ahead” then my dear friend, “DO NOT GO AHEAD” 😛 Stop right there because what your innocent soul is thinking to be a permission is basically a dare. In simple words it means, “Don’t you dare do it.”


4. May Be

When you suggest something to your girl and she says, “May Be” it simply means that she isn’t really interested in doing something that you have just suggested. It translates to “No ways”. When you say, “You wanna cancel the dinner plans and just order something at home?” and she replies, “May Be”. Buddy, go get ready for the dinner.


5. That’s Okay

Nah uh! No that’s absolutely the opposite of what she means. All she is thinking is how and when you are going to pay for that mistake and as of now, “That’s ok”

tenor (1).gif

6. Whatever

When you say something or suggest or advise something and she replies with a “Whatever” it generally means “I am not even listening to your suggestion” either the task is simply not important to her or it is so important that she is going to do it her way no matter what.


Sadly, punctuation plays a very important role in a woman’s way of talking and when you are talking you really can’t see those punctuation marks 😛

This is just for laughs and does not generalize any gender.



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