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UTI – is one word that scares the hell out of me. Unclean toilet seats are a big trouble especially when we are travelling. Road trips were out of question for me as I get Urinary infection real quick and it is painful. Urinary Tract Infection is a big trouble ladies feel and so we need to be extra cautious. I have finally found a solution to it and that is Pee Safe by Safetykart.

If you are a mom, you would know how difficult it is to potty train your child. So, you make sure that every time the child goes to use the toilet, it is clean and fresh. What would you do when you go out and have to use the rest rooms of not so hygienic places, or even those that look clean are potential places for the germs to breed. For me it was quite a concern because living in Pune means a long rainy season, sweet weather, ideal to travel and not so ideal to travel with a child because of germs and flu.

I had almost given up long travels because of this concern. One of the major reasons was that in India we do not really have many options available when it comes to toilet seat sanitization. When I heard about Pee Safe, a product by SafetyKart, I knew I have to try it out. What I did next was order Pee Safe toilet seat sanitizer spray and Pee Safe multi-use wet wipes

I had to travel from Delhi to Pune and I am quite concerned about the germs that are generally freely flowing in airports and railway stations. My daughter, like any other toddler, rune everywhere at the airport, touches almost everything and that’s when the wet wipes came to my aid. I used it to wipe the cutlery, for I am a little cautious about that. Pee Safe multi-use wet wipes are ideal for instant clean ups of hands, skin or even surfaces. These small packs are easy to carry anywhere we go. What is even better is that, being pH neutral they do not harm our skin.

What I think about Pee Safe Wet Wipes:

  • Easy to use

• Sweet fragrance

• Provide protection from germs whenever, wherever

Another thing that I bought was the Pee Safe toilet seat sanitizer spray. It might sound odd but this is the first time I had heard about it. I had always carried toilet seat covers, the disposable ones while travelling, just to be safe from germs. This spray it a much better option. To be honest, I not only used it on the seat but also spread a little in the washroom as it was much needed. It does not make the seat wet, just a little spray and it starts working and provides protection from 99.9% germs.

What I think about Pee Safe Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray:

• Again Easy to use

• Small and compact so easy to carry

• Smells really good

• Provides protection against germs

Pee Safe is definitely a revolutionary product by Safety Kart. You can buy your set.

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