Things to Keep in Mind While Hiring A Nanny

Let us start from this: We need a nanny. Not all of us but some of us do need nannies for one reason or other and we really don’t owe any justification to anyone. You know because everytime I had a nanny, it just bothered me to give justification to every Lily, Susy and Anna as to why I have a nanny for my baby. I love my child and only I know what I need to do to make things better for me and my family.

Listed below are some of the things that we need to do before and after hiring a nanny.

1. Hire a nanny through agencies that hold a strong reputation. Check the agency’s background and research. Talk to fellow parents and take every feedback seriously.

2. Be very clear right from the time you interview them. Interview them thoroughly and state all the tasks, rules and regulations clearly, preferably in written form to ensure that they agree to your guidelines right form the start,

3. Take references. Check how much experience they have with childcare and take feedback from their previous employer as well.

4. Do a background check and get the police verification done as well. Hiring a nanny is a risky business so take a lot of time to choose the right one.

5. Arrange for a trial day to see how she behaves with the child and how her expressions change in different situations.

6. Once you find a good nanny, have cameras and monitoring systems installed to regularly monitor it.

7. Rely on your neighbours and trust your kids as well when you are being informed about something odd.

8. This one worked very well for me. I used to arrange for playdates with parents who stay at home with their kids. Their observation has also helped me a lot.

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