How to Teach Kids To Stay Safe; SafetyKart – Comic Book Review

There were two amazing things that I bought from safetykart They have this wide range of safety comics and colouring books. I ordered a set of My Safety Comic Book and My Safety Colouring Book. Remember how we keep asking our kids, not to run in stairs, hold our hand in crowd, never talk to strangers, yes well everything like this and more is depicted in the Comic Book and my daughter simply loved them. It costed me Rs 699 and it was worth every penny.


There are a few things that I would want to highlight about the book:

1. They are colourful and bright, which is the first thing needed to attract kids.

2. My Safety Comic Book covers all the important things that we want to teach our kids so that they are safe.

3. Everything is taught in such a fun way that the child will be interested to read and know more. Also it ensures that the child not just indentifies the problems but also learns how to be safe in difficult situations.

Image result for my safety comic book safety kart

Image result for my safety comic book safety kart

4. The My Safety Colouring Book is clutter free, easy to colour with some extra activities like join the dots, it has drawings of family members and people who help us with an identity card and blanks to fill. It can basically be a child’s first directory.

I can personally vouch for both the comic book and the colouring book.

My daughter is four years old and she is really active. Now that she has started going to a proper school, she is in LKG, it is high time that I teach her all about her safety and things she needs to be careful about.

The book particularly highlights how we should not talk to strangers and what we should do in case we feel we are in danger in different situations. The images are big and bright and it has kind of become our routine to read the same book every night to repeat the important things.

Sometimes our kids don’t listen to what we say but My Safety Comic Book makes it possible for them to understand our point.

You can see other products by Safety Kart and order the comic books.

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