Five Things Men Need to Learn and Follow For a Happy Wife

We often hear men say that it is difficult to understand a woman. An over exaggerated statement. Women might seem complex to you because we go through feelings that can go beyond just being happy, sad, angry or bored. Sometimes we feel a lot of emotions at the same time. But we women love unconditionally, trust unimaginably,  care for everyone beyond our capabilities. What is expected from you, just to show a little compassion, put a little thought to small things that matter to us.

Here is a list of some very basic five things that men need to learn to keep their love, their wives happy:

  1. Please! Please do not give a solution to everything, when your wife is sharing a problem with you. When your wife comes to you and shares a problem with you, there is a high probability that she just needs to talk about it and vent it out. Do not offer a solution unless you are asked to do so. Men are wired that way. The moment they hear the word problem, all they try to do is find a solution and finish it but sometimes women just want to share their feelings about an ongoing issue and there might be a chance that they have already found a solution or would want to find it on their own. When we come to you to talk, please just drop the phone or remote, look at us and listen. We only need your undivided attention sometimes.
  2. It is not our hormones every freaking time, so stop blaming hormones! As I said earlier, we are just wired that way, we feel different emotions and no our hormones are not always responsible. Blaming hormones or period every time just shows your ignorance towards your wife’s emotions.
  3. Admit that you can be wrong sometimes as well. Most men have this habit of justifying their actions in case their wife complains about them. Not always but sometimes, you can be wrong too and there is no harm in saying sorry or just agreeing to your fault.
  4. DO NOT give your wife a household item as a gift on her special days: Buying a new refrigerator on her birthday is not a good idea. Her birthday or marriage anniversary is her special day and you must put a little more thought to her gift. Buy her something that is just for her and mind you that does not mean that you buy her a new microwave. To be honest there is nothing more humiliating than getting a household item on a special day. If you love her and value her as your life partner, gift her something that makes her feel special. If you feel you are too naive to find out a good gift every time, just buy her a nice piece of jewellery.
  5. Do not think your job is done once you are home from work: Your responsibilities do not end by simply going to the office. Small help like setting the table, engaging yourself with the child, or just standing next to her and talk about her day is a must.


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