10 Ways To Lose Weight Naturally . . . Psst… Easily

Who doesn’t want to stay fit? Not Miss Zesty for sure. Here are some tips to lose weight naturally and easily.

  1. Diet: No, Miss Zesty isn’t asking you to stop eating and starve yourself. All you need to do is follow some simple tips and tricks to make some changes in your diet. Add lots of proteins, cut on the amount of sugar you take, in case you take two spoonful of sugar, then make it one, try taking tea with very less sugar.
  2. Avoid processed food and sugar altogether. Miss Zesty gave up one thing and that was junk food, these Mc Donalds Burgers, pizzas and frankies. More than exercise cutting out on junk food worked wonders. Image result for weightloss free vector image
  3. Water, Water all the time: Drink water now, and later and all the time. Keep a sipper and it is preferable if the water is warm. Drinking warm water boosts the metabolism and keeps problems like indigestion at bay.
  4. Use magic seeds: Cumin and methi seeds are very good for weight loss. You can choose any one of them. Soak cumin or fenugreek/methi seeds in warm water over night; sieve it in the morning and drink the water. In case you forget to soak the seeds, just take a spoonful early morning with warm water.
  5. Fast Intermittently: Intermittent fasting is an eating pattern that cycles between periods of fasting and eating. Generally, these methods make you eat fewer calories overall, without having to consciously restrict calories during the eating periods. This should lead to weight loss, as well as numerous other health benefits.
  6. Switch to Green Tea: Green tea helps in increased fat burning and weight loss. Green tea may increase energy expenditure by 4% and increase selective fat burning by up to 17%, especially harmful belly fat.
  7. Walk Your Way To Fitness: Walking is one of the most important part of a healthy lifestyle. Walk at least 5000 steps a day to boost the weight loss process.
  8. Exercise: We totally understand that not everyone has ample time to devote to exercise but we need to incorporate exercise to your everyday routine. Use stairs instead of lift; whenever you lie down try peddling for five to ten minutes.
  9. Use a smaller plate: Using a small plate helps you take smaller portions.
  10. Count your calories: Use different fitness apps to count the calories you burn and you consume to keep a track.

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