Aaloo Tikki (Potato Cutlet) Recipe

Kids at home, left over potato sabzi or just boil some potatoes, some bread and you are good to go to make an instant snack for the little ones.

Miss Zesty prepared potato cabbage sabzi in the afternoon, and in the evening some of her daughter’s friends came over. Crisis, she needed some snacks and had none and that’s when she prepared this aaloo tikki.


  1. 3-4 boiled potatoes or aaloo beans/gobhi sabzi leftover
  2. 2-3 bread slices
  3. Salt to taste
  4. One green chilli if preparing for adults
  5. Corriander
  6. Chaat masala
  7. Dhaniya Powder
  8. Red Chilli Powder (Optional)


  1. If you ar emaking aaloo tikki with the left over sabzi, you do not need to add extra spices, may be just a pinch of salt to adjust taste.
  2. If you are using boiled potatoes, you can add all the above mentioned spices.
  3. Now take the potatoes/sabzi and mash it well so that there are no lumps at all.
  4.  Add all the spices and corriander to the mashed potatoes, mix it well.
  5. Now take the bread slices (It is better if the bread is a day old) make crumbs out of it as in just rub it until it is all broken.
  6. Add it to the mashed potatoes/ sabzi. Knead well such that there are no lumps at all.
  7. Now make small balls and flatten then gently with your palms.
  8. There are two ways to make the tikki: You can either deep fry them or fry them with just little oil on a tawa/pan.
  9. Deep Fry: Heat oil in a kadhai.
  10. Take tikki one by one and cover with a little cornflour and put them in the kadhai. fry them on a medium high flame.
  11. Frying in a pan: Take almost two to three tablespoon of oil in a pan and put tikkis one by one, keep flipping them until they are nicely done.
  12. Serve them hot with ketchup or chutney or even with curd, green chutney and spices for elders.


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