Why Choosing the Right Preschool is Crucial

People say: “It is just a playschool, Choose any. They are too young”

That’s exactly the point that they are too young and this is the most crucial time to build up that confidence, that personality that is going to last forever.

A statement generally used by two kinds of people:

  1. People whose kids are quite young and have not been in a situation to choose a preschool as of now. So the statement comes out because of inexperience.
  2. People whose kids have grown up and don’t really remember a lot of that initial stage.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Miss Zesty has been a part of the education industry for almost a decade now and so she decided to share why preschool is crucial for your child and why choosing the right preschool is equally crucial.


Attending a high quality preschool helps to prepare the kids for Kindergarten and beyond. It is equally important to choose the right preschool and that takes research and time.

In a good preschool, a child is exposed to numbers, letters and shapes. At the same time the child learns to socialize, share, communicate with peers with the help of different activities.

“Children who attend high-quality preschool enter kindergarten with better pre-reading skills, richer vocabularies, and stronger basic math skills than those who do not,” says NIEER director W. Steven Barnett, PhD.

Any experienced teacher can agree that the children who are ready to learn efficiently are the ones with better social and behaviour management skills. A good preschool ensures that happens. The child learns to raise hands while asking for permission, the child learns the importance of taking turns and more importantly a preschool provides a glimpse of what the formal schooling is going to be like.

When a child attends preschool, he or she learns the basic concepts of literacy and numeracy skills that enhances their confidence level and thus it becomes easier for them to get accustomed to the learning system for years to come.

How old should be your child to start preschool?

Most preschools take kids from age group 3-5 years. Some start at four and some start at even 2 and 1/2. Every child is different and so it is important for the parents to analyse and decide when to start. Generally 3years of age is considered the ideal age to start preschool.

Also, it is considered better to start analysing and searching for good schools an year before the child is actually ready for school. Talking to fellow parents, visiting different schools and revisiting is the right way to go about it.

How to choose the right preschool?

Research and research. There is no other way about it. First decide the location. Do you want it near by or how far is convenient for you. Once the location is decided, shortlist the schools with good reputation in that area.

Next call each school and enquire about the fees, the curriculum, infrastructure and admission policy. This would bring you down to final four five schools.

Finally take your child with you when you visit the school and see how he or she reacts to the environment, teachers and activities.

What to keep in mind while visiting a school?

Check basics. Washrooms, is the area clean and hygienic? Whether or not they have an outdoor play area? What kind of security is there? How comfortable to you feel around the staff? Are there plenty of books and toys for the kids to explore? Is the environment child friendly? The way teachers and staff are communicating with the kids.


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