Homemade Organic Play Dough by Gift Tales – Review

Like every child, Miss Zesty’s daughter is a big fan of play dough. Rolling the clay, smashing it and pressing it to make shapes is one of her favourite things to do.


Well, with her daughter’s love for play dough comes a sticky problem for Miss Zesty the clay either gets dry too quick or sticks on the floor or worse smells too odd. Another major issue is the quality.

As mothers we are always worried as to what our kids are eating, drinking or playing with. Miss Zesty is always on a look out for homemade organic products and that’s when she found out about Gift Tales. Gift Tales is your one stop online store for Children’s utilities, birthday Gifts, return gifts, personalised & customised gifts.

Miss Zesty is ever thankful to her friend Dimple Sahi, Director at Small Wonders Early Care and Learning Centre.

When she recommends something for the little one, Miss Zesty tries for sure. Homemade organic play dough turned out to be even better than what we had imagined.

Play dough has a wide array of developmental, learning, and sensory benefits for kids.

⭐️ Fantastic outlet for creativity.
⭐️Sensory benefits by simply pressing, pushing ,rolling.
⭐️ Improves fine motor skills ie strength & dexterity.
⭐️Boosts socioemotional skills by promoting interactive play.
⭐️Hands on exploration of textures, different materials,is great for the tactile sensory system.

The texture is smooth and feels natural, it has no artificial odour, it does not stick to your palm or leave a wax like quoting on the little palms.

Available at an introductory price of just Rs 199 for six colours, moulds and a rolling pin, this is a steal. I mean, we all know how expensive these play doughs available in the market are and yet kids just leave the box open and it dries so quick.

Play dough by Gift Tales, did not dry too fast and even when it got a little dry, all I had to do was put a little oil on my palms and roll it.



The little one could enjoy and there was no mess whatsoever.

Homemade organic play dough by Gift Tales is reasonably priced and a must buy for kids. Especially during the summer vacation it can really keep the little ones engaged constructively.

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