How To Clean Fabric Sofa At Home Without Vacuum Cleaner

Cleaning a fabric sofa at home seems to be next to impossible but the aim can be achieved if  a simple routine is followed. If you have kids at home it is evident that they will leave finger prints on the seat and you end up getting expensive sofa cleaning service. Listed below are a few things to do to maintain your sofa’s neatness.


  1. First of all, it is always better to use sofa covers on a regular basis. You can find some affordable sofa covers on Amazon . If you feel you can always take them off when you are having guests.
  2. If the sofas still get dirty follow a simple process to clean them.

Step 1: Take half a mug water and add two tablespoon of any bodywash or a mild shampoo available at home.

Step 2: Keep a small sponge handy and a clean cloth. Wet the cloth and keep it ready.

Step 3: Dip the sponge in the soap solution and gently rub the surface. You have to be very quick in doing so such that the soap does not get enough time to be absorbed by the fabric.

Step 4: Once you rub a particular part of the sofa with the soap solution, quickly wipe it clean with the wet cloth.

You will notice that all the finger prints will be removed.

Note: The process has to be followed quickly “Rub with sponge-wipe with a wet cloth”

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