Getting Rid of a Deadly Addiction – Part 1

When he said he loved her, he meant the submissive her. You get the love if you follow, if you obey not when you dare to speak your mind. It wasn’t too early when she understood that she was being manipulated every single day. Everything she loved doing was termed “addiction” by him. Smallest of things, her passions in life were nothing but addictions to him.

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He was superior, at least that’s what he thought and he thought it to be his moral responsibility to help her improve and learn for she knew nothing.

For him, it was his responsibility to keep a check on all her decisions.

It wasn’t too early when she could see through his manipulative ways but by that time, she was addicted to him. He was her only addiction. His touch, his way of holding her hands, everything… she could not live without it.

Now they had a baby. She slowly understood that they are good until she obeys and acts according to him. She wasn’t free to take decisions for her child, she couldn’t decide anything for her child and if she even tried reasoning with him, he would get upset, stay silent or keep taking until she would say that she was sorry and she made a mistake.

Something that she was willingly giving up for herself was not something she was going to do with her child. She felt she had no right to deprive her child of something just because the father thinks that it’s not the time or the activity is just not necessary. She felt she cannot give up her right to take decisions for her child just because the person she is addicted to isn’t willing to cooperate.

Very meticulously he had made her crippled. She was a strong working woman but he made her give up her job passively. It seemed as if it was solely her decision but within she knew why she had left the job. He said he would share responsibility but he never did. She was financially dependent on him and that was enough for her to just give up everything else.

She tried every second day to give up the addiction, not responding to him, his tantrums, his manipulative ways but the moment he talked softly she forgot everything and gave him the power to rule her again.

Everything she loved, he stopped her from doing it in the name of addiction. Then one day she finally decided to give up on her biggest addiction – her husband, her love.

Was it easy for her? No, it was the hardest things possible. With a child. a child’s responsibilities and the desire to never ever compromise with the quality of upbringing she wanted to give to her child, it was the hardest thing to do.

Part 2 coming soon.


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