Best Skin Care Tips For Summers


Chai – Not so much. Nimbu Pani – Yes please. Breezy dresses, cool colours, umbrellas and sunscreen, watermelons and mangoes. Miss Zesty has gone crazy since summers are here and the thought of going out in the sun is giving her chills.

Being exposed to too much of sun can adversely affect your skin. It can cause tanning and premature ageing of your skin. Our skin contains a pigment called melanin and if you stay out in sun too much it will lead to production of excessive melanin resulting in tanning or change in skin colour. Miss Zesty doesn’t want that to happen :/

So, she is now sharing some of the best, tried and tested skin care tips for summers.

  1. WATER: Keep your body well hydrated. Drink lots and lots and lots of water. Water is always good for the body and your skin.
  2. Eat Lots of Fruits: If there is one thing Miss Zesty loves about summers then it is the wide variety of seasonal fruits. During summers we don’t really feel like eating heavy food which is good as it can make your skin oily. Try to shift your focus to fresh fruits like watermelon, musk melons, berries etc. Ditch the sugary drinks as you might get an urge for cold drinks. Shift towards coconut water or even fresh sugarcane juice once in a while.
  3. Care for the Face: Number one, splash your face with cold water 3-4 times a day at least. Keep your face clean. Follow the basic procedure of wash, scrub and face pack twice a week. You must also ensure that the scrub, face wash or pack you are using suits your skin type, for example if you have an acne prone skin try multani mitti, sandalwood, rosewater and basil and in case your skin is dry try eggwhite, sandalwood, lemon, curd and a little bit of besan and turmeric for the pack.
  4. Products for your skin: It is very important to use the right kind of moisturiser or cream during the summer season.  If you have oily skin it is always advisable to use gel-based moisturizers. You can also add rosewater to the bathing water and apply curd ten fifteen minutes before bathing. This willhelp sooth your dry skin and also remove tanning.
  5. Keep it Simple: We all love make up but during summers it is very very essential to keep it as light and simple as possible. Also clean – tone – moisturize every night.
  6. Sunscreen Sunscreen everywhere: Yes, sunscreen is almost as important as water. Do not step out in sun without a good sunscreen. In case you have oily skin try out the gel based sunscreen by Lotus. A minimum of SPF 30 should be applied 30 minutes before going out in the sun and should not be missed at any cost.
  7. Protect your lips: Exfoliate your lips regularly with a good lip scrub or make one at home using brown sugar, honey and a drop of vanilla. Scrub your lips gently and finish the job with coconut oil. This ensures that your lips don’t turn dark due to excessive exposure to the sun.
  8. Lemon: Now this is what Miss Zesty uses. She rubs her face, arms, elbows and foot with lemon and it helps remove tanning from her skin. If it suits you, you can also do the same with Tomatoes.
  9. Hygiene: Needless to say, bathe twice a day with cold water, use a good shower gel to stay fresh as sweat can really harm your skin. Apart from giving bad odor it can also cause skin irritation and rashes. So, it is very important to stay clean and fresh. Also, maintain good personal hygiene in your private areas by washing them properly.
  10. Wear Fabrics that keep you coolOf course the clothes have to be light, simple and the colours should keep you cool. Soft shades of pink, green yellows and white, even soft blue are some of the cool shades to dry. When it comes to fabric, nothing can beat cotton. Check out the dresses to pick this summer.
  11. Step Out in Sun: No matter how ads show that you can ditch the scarf or umbrella, it is always advisable to use umbrella, scarf and good sun glasses before stepping out in the sun.

Happy Summers!

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