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10 Times You Can Use Your Kids As An Excuse (Not Guilty At All)

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Mom life is not easy. We sure have a lot to handle and I truly believe that there is nothing wrong in using our kids as an excuse once in a while. Listed below are ten times when almost all parents have used their kids as an excuse.

  1. Half Day or an off from Work:Unfortunately, I have done this quite a few times. ‘My baby isn’t feeling well’ ‘It is her PTM in school/ sports day/ or something else, I really can’t miss it’. When did I use this excuse? When I was tired after waking up all night with my baby but the boss won’t care about that so I am left with no other option.
  2. Sorry, can’t attend the party:Doctor’s appointment, cranky baby, baby’s nap time or grandparents’ visiting … any reason would work for me when it comes to ditching most of the parties; not because I don’t like the people who have invited me or I want to avoid them but because I know that if I would decide to attend the party I will have zillions of things to do. Get the kid ready, pack her food in case she refuses to eat anything else, pack her bag with diapers, wipes, milk and what not; then get ready myself only to see that light moustache smiling at me the moment I apply lipstick. Too much of work, so the excuse comes to rescue.
  3. Baby ate all the chocolates/ ice cream or Candies: A lot of times when my husband asks for the ice cream we had bought the previous day only and I tell him, ‘Abhitha ate it’ he already knows it is not Abhitha, it is her mom.
  4. So sorry, my baby knocked over your stuff: You know when you were texting your friend while grocery shopping and bumped into the display and everything fell; and then how conveniently you said, ‘Oh, sorry, my baby mistakenly did this’? No.. well good for you but I have done this quite a few times.
  5. The day care charges extra for extra hours: Yes, I have said this bluntly every time I was asked to work over time. Sorry, but I can’t do it and even if I could I really don’t have the energy so I won’t.
  6. Sorry, we are late. My baby didn’t wake up: Well, I was late to drop my daughter to her school because someone overslept. Let’s end it here, why we need to say who is that someone?
  7. I can’t prepare that dish, baby won’t let me: You know sometimes, I don’t want to prepare that special biryani or veg crispy and baby is not the reason, the reason is it needs to much of preparation what is wrong with dal chawal anyway.
  8. Can I Break The Queue, Please? :My baby is cranky, my baby is crying, not feeling well or something like that and I sometimes get to break the queue. NO, I am not mean. Although my baby is not cranky but I know she will be soon if I would decide to wait in a line. Or may be sometimes I just say this because the queue is so damn big.
  9. I just don’t find anytime to brush my hair, or change because you know ‘baby’: I am always tired, always. I dress my daughter beautifully but when it comes to me I just wear a simple tshirt, roll my hair in a bun and then use baby as an excuse for not dressing up properly.
  10. Sorry, Wats App only, no calls please coz you know ‘Baby’: This is my favourite in fact this is my wats app status. Since forever, I hate long calls but before having a baby I had no permanent excuse to avoid long calls. Now, I have my trump card, my baby. Almost all the time when I want to excuse myself from calls, I use ‘baby’ as an excuse.

If you have some more excuses to share, please share in public interest.

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