10 Not So Common Parenting Tips That Can Make Your Life Easier

Parenting is a big challenge but a lovely one. Like everyone else, we have listed some quirky tips for the parents.

1. Sleep When the Baby Sleeps? Eeehhh! Cry when your toddler cries. Works like a charm. When your toddler cries start bawling louder soon they will stop crying and be more concerned about you.

2. When Tired Match Your Clothes. Nooo.. not with the kids or your husband but with the couch or bedding. Here I am sitting on the sofa, well coordinated and my daughter is trying to find me in my bed room.

3. When The Kids Act Naughty Just Keep Looking at Them. This one is wonderful. Sometimes when my daughter throws her toys, I just stand there expressionless and keep looking at her. She keeps guessing what is wrong and finally picks up her toys or at least stop throwing them anymore.

4. If your two year old, for no reason says, ‘I did not poop’ trust me you have a big mess to clean.

5. Any food that you want to keep for yourself and not share at all, tell your kids, ‘It is spicy/ has worms/is burnt’.

6. Keep emphasizing how important it is to keep kids stick to a schedule in front of people. It can later help you get out of stuff/events you don’t want to attend.

7. When your child tells you that he/she took something and then put it right back. It does not mean the place it was taken from, It means the place they were standing or sitting last.

8. Don’t even ask your toddler if she would like to share just one small bite of chocolate that you just bought for her. No, don’t do it if you want to save your life. Oh, you just did! Run, Run right now!

9. Hug it out. Hug your kids, husband or teddy. Don’t say a word. Nothing funny about it, just feels good.

10. Drink. I am not talking about water :/

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