Near Death – A Short Story

As she walked towards the token counter, she did not know where to go. Her four year old held her finger tight. He was excited as he thought they are going to have pizza.

She was still confused. Did she even know why she had brought him with her when she herself did not know where she was going?

At the counter she asked for a token to the busiest station. ‘Nobody would notice me there and I can just get lost in the crowd. What will I do with him?’ She looked at her four year old who was too excited, ‘ Mamma I want the chicken pizza.’

She nodded. Lifted him in her arms. For the past one year he seemed too heavy to her, too many responsibilities, too much stress but today he was lighter. ‘One last time.’ she said to herself.

As she entered the ladies coach, she got a seat. She sat there all lost while her little one sat next to her looking outside the window. Girls chatted with her cutie. She noticed a woman looking at her, or may be she was staring at her. It was as if that woman knew her intentions.

Her son held his mom’s hand. ‘Mamma, what pizza will you have?’ he asked. She looked at him and said, ‘ I will share with you.’

She again looked at that woman who was still staring at her. It was as if she knew there was something wrong. Her station came and she got down with her son. It was crowded and the little one now looked scared. He looked at his mother but her blank face could not comfort him this time. She looked at him and said, ‘You wait here, I will bring the candy.’ He couldn’t agree to her. He wanted the candy but he wanted his mother more. She wanted to leave but he wasn’t letting her go.

She still left him and walked ahead, slowly towards the tracks. Her heart had already stopped and just as she was about to leave her child forever, the woman from the ladies coach held her tight. Before she could say anything, she made her look at her child, who was now crying, ‘ Don’t look at him, look at that man behind him. He is not there to help your child, he can be someone who run gangs for beggars. He might also take away your prince. Might cut a limb or two. Might sell him. Is that what you want?’ Her eyes were now full of horror. She ran and grabbed her son. Held him tight and walked towards the woman. She wasn’t there. She asked people around her if they have seen a woman dressed in a white and pink suit, short hair, she wore big black glasses. People looked at her with shock. No one could answer her.

The next train came and as she looked in the glass, she saw her reflection, dressed in a white and pink suit, short hair, she wore big black glasses. Her son still in her arms.

She knew there was still hope left somewhere in her heart.

18 thoughts on “Near Death – A Short Story

  1. OMG. you got me on the edge. Was reading this with a heavy heart. You’re really good in writing short stories. You were able to draw out my emotions. Maybe because I am also a Mom, and I have never thought of leaving my kids no matter how hard it is. And the twist in the end about that woman she was looking for. It was perfect.

  2. I like these short stories that keep you on the edge of your seat, you really have a knack for this, keep it up, and the ending was great 😉

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