Things That Happen When You Get A Totally New Haircut

Miss Zesty loves experimenting with her looks and haircut always tops the list. This time she got a sexy graduated bob cut, earlier she had long hair. The change obviously led to strange reactions:

  1. The before thought: Should I chop them off all? Hmmm… I think I should not cut too much of it. Then what’s the point of getting a new haircut. But what if I don’t look good? Let me look at some cool haircuts. If she can rock it, I can too. 2.gif
  2. Selecting the Salon: Should I try a new one? Or should I go with my regular salon? But that guy is not some super smart one. Last time he just messed up the look. I will definitely try a new salon. 2.gif
  3. The first regret: Oh God! Why are his hands shaking? I should have gone to my old salon. He is totally going to ruin it. I am dead. 3.gif
  4. Understanding the procedure: Hmmm… should I open my eyes and see how it is going? Yes. Hey, it is turning out to be ok. Hey are those my hair on the floor? Should I be sad? Nah.. I feel lighter. 4.gif
  5. The doubt: He is going to take forever to give the finishing touch. Acting like the monkey in that childhood story where he kept eating the bread on pretext of dividing into equal halves. Rehne de bhai ho gya bus. 5.gif
  6. The final look: Diva hun main! Sahi boss. He did a good job. I look good. 6.gif
  7. The Reactions: The first reaction came from my daughter, ‘ Mamma aap toh ganju ho gye!’ Confidence – zero. My response: ‘Haan theek hai, chal!’ 7.gif
  8. Stealing a gaze: This one is from the gaurds, the maushis, the gossip queens of the society who would keep staring at you and the moment you look at them, they turn away. 8.gif
  9. The compliments: Your friends will be there to compliment you on your looks to boost your confidence. 9.gif
  10. The criticism and jokes: This one comes from your best friends and siblings. It does not matter if you look good or bad, they are going to make fun of you. They might tone down a little if the haircut is bad but if it is good then be ready for even worse comments. ‘Ye kya karwa liya, hahahahah’ 7.gif
  11. The shock: This one is your Mom’s reaction or your Mom in law’s reaction. Quoting Miss Zesty’s mom, ‘Ye bhi kyu rehne diye? ‘ ‘Why did you leave these as well?’ But you are looking too good to bother. 5.gif
  12. The best compliment: This one is your partner’s compliment. He knows how to make you smile and loves you unconditionally. Miss Zesty’s husband was all romantic. Truth: HE HAS NO OTHER OPTION 😛 3.gif
  13. The next day: The real haircut is visible after the next wash. NO comments 😛


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