Top Bollywood Gifs That Explain Every Girl’s Life

  1. When you are all set to leave for a party and your Mom gives her verdict on your dress.


gif credit http://www.imgur.com

2. When your aunt praises how sanskaari her daughter is but you know all her shit.


gif credit http://www.giphy.com

3. When your elder sister finally gets married and you get the Kabjaa on her room.


4. When your mother finds out about your boyfriend but you act as if she is mistaken. ‘Arey mummy, kya aap bhi!’


gif credit cosmopolitan India

5. When you get your salary.

giphy (1).gif

gif credit http://www.giphy.com

6. And a week later…

giphy (2).gif

7. When your best friend’s boyfriend turns out to be the jerk you had predicted earlier.

giphy (3).gif

8. When your bestie tags you in lousy memes.


9. When your nosey aunt asks you about marriage the nth time.

giphy (5).gif

10. When you finally realise that you are the best version of yourself.

giphy (6).gif


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