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Top Apps To Help You Stay Fit

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Smartphones have made us lazy, kept us glued to our seats and hence made us unfit but little do we know that it is smartphones only that are helping people loose weight and stay fit. Numerous apps are available to help you stay fit. Miss Zesty has set a new target for herself and is running her way out to achieve it. Her companions in this getting fit journey are some wonderful apps available on Google Playstore:

  1. HealthifyMe: HealthifyMe is India’s premium Calorie Counter and Weight Loss Coach. Get fit, track food, count calories, talk to personal coaches and dieticians; HealthifyMe is user friendly and is suitable to our Indian lifestyle. This app is definitely Miss Zesty’s personal favourite. The app is free to download and use and one can get personalised training and help using its premium service. Best part even the features available for free are good enough to get started.hqdefault
  2. Pedometer: It is a step counter and weight loss tracker app. Definitely another favourite of Miss Zesty. Drop the little one to school and turn on the Pedometer. The satisfaction she gets when she sees the number of steps, distance covered and calories burnt is worth the panipuri she gupls down in the evening.   Pedometer, Step Counter & Weight Loss Tracker App” syncs steps & calories w/ MyFitnessPal and Fitbit! Track your step, walking & weight loss with this free health counter. Lose weight and track walk distance and calories burned using 24/7 step counting from our pedometer, step counter & health tracker app.


3. My Diet Coach: Another useful app for weight loss motivation,

My Diet Coach keeps you motivated and helps you make healthy lifestyle changes, and resist food cravings.

• Track your progress with Visual weight tracker
• Get reminders of what’s important
• Take up small, healthy lifestyle challenges
• Stay on track with our user-friendly calorie counter


4. YAZIO Calorie Counter, Nutrition Diary & Diet Plan. If you are strictly looking for an app to count each and every calorie you take, then this one is just right for you. Free download and registration, personalised plans for weight loss, nutrition tracker and food diary, exercise and activity tracker, calorie calculator to track the calories you just burnt and a lot more features make this app one of the most useful apps.



So make your smartphone a reason to stay healthy and accompany Miss Zesty in her journey to staying fit.


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