Wed. Nov 20th, 2019

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Things People Don’t Understand About You If You Love Your Solitude

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Most of the times it is difficult for people to believe that there are some people who actually love solitude. The general assumptions for such people are:

  1. Them: “Hey, Why are you sitting alone? Come sit with everyone.”/ “Isey Social anxiety hai shaayad.”

Ummm.. no please, I really want to sit by myself and I am not lonely. I just want to be with myself as of now.


2. Them: He/She is too arrogant. Ghamandi!

I am not. Not talking much does not necessarily mean arrogance. That can just be someone’s basic nature to listen more.


3. Them: Isey Kuch toh tension zaroor hai!

Naah, I sit alone because it is fun for me to sit and observe people and things around me.


4. Them: “What is wrong with you? You should make some new friends.”



5. What they see: A Sad lonely person


What it actually is: A Secure person enjoying some personal space.


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