Things People Don’t Understand About You If You Love Your Solitude

Most of the times it is difficult for people to believe that there are some people who actually love solitude. The general assumptions for such people are:

  1. Them: “Hey, Why are you sitting alone? Come sit with everyone.”/ “Isey Social anxiety hai shaayad.”

Ummm.. no please, I really want to sit by myself and I am not lonely. I just want to be with myself as of now.


2. Them: He/She is too arrogant. Ghamandi!

I am not. Not talking much does not necessarily mean arrogance. That can just be someone’s basic nature to listen more.


3. Them: Isey Kuch toh tension zaroor hai!

Naah, I sit alone because it is fun for me to sit and observe people and things around me.


4. Them: “What is wrong with you? You should make some new friends.”



5. What they see: A Sad lonely person


What it actually is: A Secure person enjoying some personal space.


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