Furniture Options In Budget From Urban Ladder’s Clearance Sale All Under 7000

So, Miss Zesty recently moved in to her new house and is constantly looking for good furniture options. Being a fan of Urban Ladder she decided to check out the options in their clearance sale and has tried to list a few for you.

Personal note from Miss Zesty: I have bought my dining table, book rack and shoe rack from Urban Ladder and I have never been disappointed. I have always received complements on the simplicity and elegance of the designs and the sturdiness that is common to all.

  1. Odessa Bedside Table: This Odessa bedside table with Mahogany finish is a very good option. Not just it has two bases to keep stuff it has a well sectioned drawer plus a rod to hang stuff. Priced at Rs 5,099, this is a very good buy.


2. Venus Wall Mirror: Add it in the lobby or your bedroom this is sure to make your place look beautiful.


3. Iwaki Wall Mounted Crockery Unit. A useful addition to the dining area to keep the basic stuff or even to the kitchen. Crockery mounting up? Stack them up in the Iwaki crockery unit. Wall-mounted, it saves on precious floor space. The two glass-front shelves are perfect for your display-worthy pieces. Lesser beauties can be stowed away behind the solid wood door below.


4. Hackey Leatherette Bean Bag Lounge Set: Designed to provide maximum comfort, the bean bag mimics the look and feel of a chair, with its firm backrest and plush, wide seat. There’s a pocket on the side, so you can keep your phone and remote handy. Move it from living room, to bedroom, to the balcony with ease.



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