Wed. Nov 20th, 2019

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Prejudice and Ego in Relationships

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She was crying when he entered. He looked at her and turned away. She tried to look engrossed with her work. He tried to show that he did not notice.

Within she wanted to run into his arms, rest her head on his chest and cry her heart out. Within he wanted to grab her by waist, hold her face in his hands and kiss her till eternity.

Nothing was possible, their ego was larger than their love. She hummed a song, he hummed another and left.

As she saw him walk away a part of her heart died. As he left her alone, he felt a block in his heart. So much to talk but words refused to come out.

She was scared to trust him again. He was worried that she might not trust his feelings again.

The pain, the restlessness, the desire to hold each other tight and love, the hope and the fear of disappointment was visible to everyone but them.

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